About Me


I‘ve always been interested in anything spiritual ever since I was a child. My mother is a very intuitive person and passed on her interests in this area. As I grew older I became aware of holistic therapies, reading up on what they are and how beneficial they can be. It wasn’t until I reached my teens that life events led me to Reiki, I developed a deep interest in this and went on to complete a course and became attuned to reiki 1, I was also working in care at this time.

Fast forward several years, my interests in mental health peaked, I studied many years in this field leading to a degree in Humanistic Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) , I then continued my studies ultimately leading me to support people with common mental health problems within the NHS.

After having my third child I reconnected with my spiritual beliefs, I found myself being drawn to holistic and spiritual therapies again. I’ve always had such passion for supporting other human beings, and now I wanted to do this in another way, and so Healing Touch Holistic Therapies came about.

Through my service I aim to give individual tailored care to each and every one who receives treatment from me. I believe life is about balance and taking time out for yourself to get this. I offer a relaxed non judgemental environment which I encourage you to come and experience.

My therapies are about reconnecting the mind, body and spirit, in which ever way this may present, I hope to meet you soon.